Sharon Marsh | In "Kenny Dies", out of the 3 boys, Stan has the hardest time dealing with Kenny dying, and can't even bear to see him in the hospital. Watching pornTaking care of his sister, KarenHanging out with his friends Kenny's relationship with Butters has been extremely close as well, often acting like a big brother towards him (despite being younger.) The two boys often hang out with one another when Cartman and Kyle get into their arguments and Stan and Kenny don't want to listen to it, such as in "The Passion of the Jew". after Stan yells, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!". The Simpsons Already Did It. However, due to the controversial nature of the show, even Kenny has been shown to do things that fall under wrongdoing rather than heroism. One of Kenny's best known abilities is being able to come back from the dead. In order to reverse his past misdeeds, he sets out to spread Christmas cheer to the people of Iraq. He recruits Santa, Mr. Hankey and Jesus in a desperate attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq. He recruits Santa, Mr. Hankey, and Jesus in a desperate attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq. Watch episode. Big Gay Al | - which in turn causes his death by walking under a falling piano, and even then Stan still fails to notice or care. Timmy Burch | 10.1 "Tonsil Trouble" 11 Season 15. Watching. Despite the neglect, Kenny has been shown to bear feelings of friendship towards Kyle, even to the point of trying to convince him of his own power as Mysterion to the point of shooting himself in front of him and Stan, much to their surprise and his later dismay when neither of them remember. ", Kenny has a parka that is light purple with a part of his hair coming out of the hood, black pants, and brown boots with a black stripe down them. Kenny is the most sexually knowledgeable and experienced of the group. This was the final appearance of the "4th Grade" title sequence, which was first seen in "4th Grade." It originally aired on December 11, 2002. Repeat! [1] The creators had always planned to bring Kenny back in the last episode, but they killed off Jesus (who dies to save Santa) the idea being that's why at Christmas time we think about Jesus. The New Kid. Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is one of the four main protagonists of the adult animated sitcom South Park. Obese Season 6 E 17 • 12/11/2002. He is voiced by the series co-creator Matt Stone (who also voiced Kyle and Butters) in his muffled voice. Originally aired: December 11, 2002 In this 2002 holiday special, Cartman convinces Santa … Almost all of the time Kenny has his hood on so that only his eyes are seen. By extension, this may mean Cartman has immunity to mind control or other psychological effects. Lady McCormick As Kenny is given a purity ring by Tammy, he is very upset at this, as well as completely bored. Ned Gerblansky | PC Principal, Other Characters Heidi Turner | It originally aired on December 11, 2002. Trey Parker has noted that Kenny's creation was inspired by a real childhood friend of his. Cancelled. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. When the boys find out that their favorite movies are being enhanced, re-released and ruined in the process, they form a club to "Save Films from their Directors." Santa returns the boys home, hoping that people will always remember Jesus on this day. This episode came from the idea of Black Hawk Down with Santa Claus. Terrance and Phillip | However, Kenny was brought back to life in the sixth season finale "Red Sleigh Down" and rejoined the cast after that. 21:58. [1], "Red Sleigh Down", along with the sixteen other episodes from South Park's sixth season, were released on a three-disc DVD set in the United States on October 11, 2005. Also, Kenny returns after being "permanently" killed in … The boys realize that Jesus is the only person who can save Santa now. The title and episode parody the films Black Hawk Down and Three Kings. In all following episodes the frequency of Kenny's deaths has been considerably reduced. He is later seen in the crowed of boys encouraging Butters to fight Nelly in "Douche and a Danish", indication that Kenny fully supports Butters' decision to form this retaliatory movement, as do the rest of the boys. He recruits Santa, Mr. Hankey and Jesus in a desperate attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq. (oral sex) in a T.G.I. Friends/Allies 12/11/2002. Jimbo Kern | Kenny also thinks Kyle is the smartest kid in his class, asking him for help in "The Coon" for that reason. Robert Smith | IGN gave the season a rating of 9/10. Kenny is the only main character to not appear in Butters'. Jenny Simon | Karen McCormick | 17 Red Sleigh Down In this parody of Black Hawk Down, Cartman tries to bring Christmas to the downtrodden in Iraq to get on Santa’s "nice" list. Kenny is somewhat more heroic than the other South Park boys. Friday's. Full Ep. 6.1 "Kenny Dies" 7 Season 6. Free Hat. Red Sleigh Down Cartman's house, day. On occasion, he is known to punch Cartman when Cartman rips on him for being poor, and Cartman has been shown beating up Kenny when Kenny refuses to go along with his ideas, particularly in the early seasons. At that moment though, Santa flies past the tree and magically restores them. He often performs disgusting acts for money, such as dissecting a Manatee and eating its spleen, then regurgitating it and eating it again ("Fat Camp"). what does kenny say on south park episode red sleigh down at the end? Sheila Broflovski | Kyle Schwartz is seated at Cartman's desk with piles of paper to go through and an adding machine to keep it all current. Classmates at school call her a slut because she gave a boy named Dave Darskey a B.J. Mayor of Imaginationland | Jimmy Valmer | Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Hooded He then tried to distract Cartman by pretending to be a new species of antelope (so that the Jakovasaurs could be smuggled to France), but instead got mauled by a bear. Tuong Lu Kim | Even after coming back to life, Kenny has been absent from many of the episodes since, allowing him to quietly survive. Cartman is the only character to be aware of Kenny's constant dying, saying "He dies all the time!" However, in episodes like "Pandemic 2: The Startling", Kenny has shown dislike for Craig by saying that he doesn't like him, though it could have merely been out of frustration that Craig refused help them again. South Park. Also in "Jewbilee" Kyle asked Kenny to come to Jew Scouts so that it would be fun. Accident-Prone Kid, KensukeLady McCormick/Princess KennyEl Pollo LocoMysterionGuardian Angel, Taking care of his sister, KarenHanging out with his friends, Protect his little sister, KarenLearn the secret of his powersHelp Satan leave and defeat Saddam HusseinUndo the war between America and CanadaVarious (primarily preserved through his poverty), Carol McCormick (mother)Kevin McCormick (older brother)Karen McCormick (younger sister), Stan Marsh (close friend)Kyle Broflovski (close friend)Eric Cartman (best friend)Butters Stotch (best friend)Karen McCormickChef (closet friend) †Mr. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming … Red Sleigh Down. Karen also looks up to Kenny for protection and comfort, and Kenny is seen as a very good selfless big brother. This can be seen in the episodes "The Coon", "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Mysterion Rises" and "Coon vs. Coon & Friends". Underneath his hood he has messy blond hair which looks somewhat similar to that of Tweek Tweak's. ", after one of Kenny's classic deaths, and then he wouldn't acknowledge him again after that. Anime Ninja At this point, his deaths became more infrequent, along with his overall role in the series. He recruits Santa, Mr. Hankey and Jesus in a desperate attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq. "Red Sleigh Down" (originally titled "Christmas in Iraq") is the fifth Christmas episode of South Park, Comedy Central's animated developed-for-television series, which marked as the sixth season fianle. Although muffled, Kenny has often called Cartman by his first name "Eric", such as in "Probably", when he calls Cartman on the phone from Mexico and later when Jesus sends Cartman to Mexico as punishment. He is also very strong, as shown when he grabs Death by the wrist, flips him off a tricycle onto his back, and jumps on him, sending all his bones flying out, without seeming to be tired at all. Synopsis. Kenny wears an orange parka, orange pants and brown gloves. Episode Viewers and Ratings Kyle points out that Kenny dying before would have been impossible because "he can't die twice". Their friendship truly evolved in "Going Native" though, when Butters admitted that Kenny's the only kid at school that has any dignity and isn't "fake or stuck-up." See more of South Park on Facebook Red | KennyKensukeLady McCormick/Princess KennyEl Pollo LocoMysterionGuardian Angel He can also be seen holding Butters' hand throughout most of the episode (much like he does with his younger sister, Karen.) However, in an early draft for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Kenny is described as having hazel eyes. Even though Kenny usually rivals against Craig and his friends along with Stan, Kyle and Cartman, they all seem to still get along with him for the most part when the two groups aren't in disagreement. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode. Stuart McCormick (father)Carol McCormick (mother)Kevin McCormick (older brother)Karen McCormick (younger sister) On occasion, usually when he is scared or crying, he will pull the strings on his hood to make it tighten, although he did this once after Cartman had farted in an unventilated space on an airpla… Kyle doesn't seem to really even notice Kenny a lot of the time. This prompts Kenny to go and buy her tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert, hoping that it's his way into her heart, as well as her body. Kenny also joined Butters' "Wieners Out" movement during the genders war inflicting upon South Park Elementary. Toolshed | The given reason, though, is that Cartman thinks Kenny doesn't watch the news because he's poor. Cartman: You're done? StudentSuperhero Craig Tucker | In fact, in "Cartmanland", Kenny was invited to go to Cartman's theme park, when Kyle and Stan couldn't come. Cartman has Kyle's cousin perform a tally of his naughty and nice deeds. Oh and it was also a South Park Christmas special, and it’s almost Christmas now on this day when I signed up, how cool is that?! Kenneth McCormick Il a commis trop de mauvaises actions pour espérer avoir des cadeaux à ce Noël. South Park While bringing Christmas to Iraq, Santa Claus's sleigh is shot down. It originally aired on December 11, 2002. Plot. Noté /5. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The group breaks into the interrogation room and frees Santa. Origin Unfortunately, the next day, Kenny ends up contracting syphilis and thus dies; in the final minutes of the episode, his funeral is held, and the Vicar attending the funeral gives a speech about the dangers of syphilis: "And so, as we commit this young child to the earth, let us all be reminded that syphilis is still a deadly disease, and it can be caught even if using protection.". Preschool S6 • E7. Wendy Testaburger | Full Ep. If you look closely, however, you can actually see parts of Kenny's parka with Kelly at the dance. 12/11/2002. Taking a backup sled, they seek out Jesus. While not shown in as much detail as Kyle and Cartman's newfound friendship, with the boys ending their friendship with a pessimistic Stan in "You're Getting Old", he also seems to be developing a better one with Cartman. Cartman has to score one big "nice" to be eligible for Christmas presents this year. Watch Random Episode. This is including but not limited to: Kenny is very protective of her little sister Karen, which even earned Kenny the nickname "Guardian Angel". The Simpsons Already Did It. Once again, it's Christmas time in South Park. Things go awry and when Santa is shot down in Iraq, Jesus comes to his aide. Retrouvez Red Sleigh Down: Comedy Central, South Park, Kenny McCormick, Kenny Dies, Black Hawk Down (Film), Three Kings (Film), Eric Cartman, AIBO, Gnomes (South Park) et des millions de livres en stock sur The episode is notable for the return of Kenny from his death in season five. In the episode "Kenny Dies", Kenny agrees with Cartman's assessment that the two are best friends, as Kyle and Stan are. Prototype Cartman does appear to consider Kenny as his best friend out of the other three boys, although he is not above exaggerating the depth of their friendship in order to achieve or obtain something he wants, usually after Kenny dies or is incapacitated, such as in the episode "Best Friends Forever". Freddy Krueger | In the next episode, "Spontaneous Combustion", it is revealed that he spends a lot of time at a new girlfriend's house but the viewer never sees her. [2], The episode was also included on the DVD compilation Christmas Time in South Park. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Mr. Mackey | Chef | Full Name It should be noted that although his voice is muffled, Kenny can be heard using Cartman's first name, "Eric", on occasion (such as in "Probably"), making him the only one out of Cartman's primary three friends to do so. Movies . Later in the episode, he buys another parka that is pink and fluffy. Watching . In the first five seasons and sporadically afterward, whenever Kenny dies, Kyle follows with "You bastards!" He recruits Santa, Mr. Hankey, Jesus, Stan and Kyle in a desperate attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq. (blow job) in the parking lot of a T.G.I. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. So, along with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny they catch a ride with Mr. Hankey to the North Pole to bring Christmas to Iraq. Though along with Stan, Kyle's shown his definite concern for Kenny and does view him as a very close friend, they rarely interact one-on-one. Jessie | It should also be noted that Kenny's alternate identity, Mysterion, and Eric's, the Coon, appear to have a rivalry. The Main Boys In earlier episodes, when an unknown term is introduced to Stan, Kyle and Cartman, Kenny will be called upon by his friends to clarify, although Kenny sometimes does not know the meaning of the term himself. Bebe Stevens | Sergeant Harrison Yates | Kenny often sides with Kyle on many issues, even over Cartman, like in "Douche and Turd", where Kenny supports Kyle's mascot instead of Cartman's. Marvin Marsh | Outraged, Santa kills the soldier, and proceeds to blast his way out. 01:06. 21:58. It originally aired on December 11, 2002. Although Kenny and Stan don't seem to share the same bond that Stan and Kyle do, Stan does seem to think of Kenny as a close friend. Kenny dies constantly, but always comes back to life and no one seems to remember. Kenny will go along with Cartman if he talks about something he agrees on, such as the time he giggled uncontrollably when Cartman farted in Kyle's face in "Cancelled", or Kyle and Stan if he gets really annoyed by Cartman's attitude. God | Season 6 E 17 • 12/12/2002. Noté /5. Help his friendsProtect his little sister, KarenLearn the secret of his powersHelp Satan leave and defeat Saddam HusseinUndo the war between America and CanadaVarious (primarily preserved through his poverty) Full Ep. Red Sleigh Down Last updated January 19, 2020 "Red Sleigh Down" South Park episode: Episode no. Il tente alors de se racheter en convainquant le Père Noël d'apporter Noël en Irak. So, along with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny they catch a ride with Mr. Hankey to the North Pole to bring Christmas to Iraq. In the episode, Cartman has to score one big "nice" on Santa's list to be eligible for Christmas presents. Kenny is a friendly person in general, often seen interacting with other boys in background scenes. TV Show. On occasion, usually when he is scared or crying, he will pull the strings on his hood to make it tighten, although he did this once after Cartman had farted in an unventilated space on an airplane ("Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants"). However, in other episodes, he is shown sleeping in his parka. This was a running gag in the series appearing in almost every episode until Season 6, which was Kenny's hiatus after being killed off at the end of Season 5. He is also show to be skilled with weapons, such as in the episode "Good Times With Weapons" where he hit Butter's eye with a shuriken. This would mean he is immune to the psychic effect that Kenny's deaths have on others. Father Maxi | Saves Heaven in "Super Best Friends" from Satan's army. Linda Stotch | The episode is notable for the return of Kenny from his death in season five. Alias When Stan finally realizes that Kenny passed on "for good", he feels like he's Kenny's worst friend (until they hear about Cartman's selfishness). Ugly Bob | In "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)" he told a story while they were stranded on the bus about Kenny dying before he was killed by a giant black monster. 9.1 "You got f---ed in the A" 9.2 "The Jeffersons" 9.3 "Pre-School" 10 Season 12. Mayor McDaniels | In the film and "A Very Crappy Christmas", it is shown that Kenny sleeps in his underwear, making him the only one of the boys who does so (Kyle, Cartman, and Stan all wear pajamas, and Tweek Tweak rarely sleeps and thus has no pajamas, except in "Child Abduction is Not Funny"). Goals HankeyCraig TuckerTweek TweakClyde DonovanToken BlackJimmy ValmerTimmy BurchMr. In particular, Mysterion kept the group name "Coon and Friends" after Cartman was kicked out because it "pissed Cartman off beyond belief", and he found it "extremely funny". 21:58. 7.1 "Red Sleigh Down" 8 Season 7. He was implied to have only killed one person off-screen in the TV show, which is less than all the other main boys in the series (though Butters killing 14 people in "You Got F'd in the A" was all unintentional). In "Best Friends Forever", Stan and Kyle fight against Cartman to not have Kenny's feeding tube removed to save Kenny's life. [1], Santa's house in the North Pole is Superman's Fortress of Solitude from Superman II. We Gotta A Red Sleigh Down. His supernatural ability to never permenantly die has been used by Kenny in multiple situations in acts of heroism. He also seemed to be aware of Kenny dying in "Cartmanland", but in "Mysterion Rises" Kenny said nobody noticed. Princess Kenny Full Ep. WikiMili. However it is implied that Cartman managed to sneak the necklace onto Kenny's neck in order to prove to everyone that he and Kenny were indeed best friends. Mr. Hankey | Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe),, Fixing the backup generator at a hospital by using himself to connect two wires, an example of him using his immortality to help. To that extent he's probably the most heroic character of all the South Park boys. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Kenny has also been known to detest or mock Cartman on occasion, such as when Cartman degraded NASCAR fans by crashing a stolen car into a lake in Poor and Stupid - Kenny stormed down to Cartman's house to yell at him (nearly destroying the door in the process) - he was even prepared to kill Cartman in defense of NASCAR's reputation. He is a poor 9 year-old boy living in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, who is friends with Eric Cartman, Stanley "Stan" Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Leopold "Butters" Stotch. Human Kite | South Park. Kenny McCormick, Kids of South Park Fingerbang Garrison (occasionally)Mickey Mouse (South Park version)CthulhuThe WeatherheadsJessica PinkertonWikileaks The boys realize that Cartman's little ploy may have ended Christmas for everyone and set out to make things right. Show More. Season 6 E 17 • 12/11/2002. Doctor Timothy | He was also able to put 2 girls in the hospital after beating them up in "Faith Hilling". Gregory | While dressed up as Iron Man in "A Nightmare On FaceTime", Kenny and the boys attempt to capture the Redbox Killers instead of trick-or-treating, with Kenny giving the boys instructions, dressed up as the Avengers. Jesus Christ | Cartman has to score one big "nice" on Santa's list to be eligible for Christmas presents this year. In "Best Friends Forever", Kenny gives all of his belongings (excluding his PSP) to Stan and Kyle, and Stan and Kyle fight very hard to save their friend from Cartman and his supporters.

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